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Bridal gown ideas


A girl’s wedding dress is probably the most important dress of a her life!  Equilly important of course is her wedding day! Being the centre of attention you have to look and feel like a princess! Many a girl’s childhood fantasies revolves around her wedding day and of course to have the most beautiful wedding dress.  Therefore, go as big and elaborate and even over the top as you like.  To finish off, show off and underline the bride’s look, attention must be given to the groom and bridesmaid’s outfits too. Although, let’s face it, nobody should give them a second glance while they’re waiting for you to arrive because all the speculation is about you and your WEDDING DRESS!

Romance is the mood of the wedding day, so organza, chiffon, fairy-tale images of floaty fabrics and volume is what many bride aims for.  Although other brides like to look sexy, smouldering and mysterious with clinging, fitted and figure hugging looks or regally as a queen.  Whatever your taste in wedding dress, it should compliment your personality and make you feel ultra special and absolutely beautiful and fulfilled.


This is a very important part of your choice.  A traditional white wedding dress will always be classic as well as ivory or cream because some women just does not suit white.  You can even break away completely by wearing bold colours like red, cerise pink, burnt orange etc.  The important  thing is to make a statement in your wedding dress by showing who you are and what you are trying to convey.
First time brides don’t necessarily have to get married in white.  Second weddings also gives you carte blanche what you want to wear, even if it is white.  The choices are yours and  even if you want to look like a huge ice-white meringue because you’re a romantic and believe white is the only colour for a wedding dress, go for it.


The only style limitation in choosing your dream wedding dress is your shape. It is very important to choose a style that flatters your figure. A big, full skirt may be quite dramatic but might make your waistline disappear. Be careful of strapless dresses if you are flat-chested. The best way to choose a style that suits YOU is to try on as many wedding dresses as you can well in advance.
Even if you plan to have your dress made by a designer or a dressmaker, go to bridal shops and try on some of your favourite styles. You may change your mind once you see yourself in a particular dress, or you might just be reassured that you’re making the right decision. You could also find a ready-made wedding dress that’s just perfect and save the time you would have spent on selecting fabric and dress fittings.


Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding and you need to give yourself enough time to do it. Allow about three months if you’re having a dress made – a rush and panic at the end will take most of the fun out of the process.
Don’t worry if you lose weight between fittings: the dress can be adjusted. On the other hand, don’t buy a smaller dress with the intention of losing weight; not much can be done if you don’t!
When budgeting for your wedding dress, don’t forget to include accessories like shoes, jewellery, underwear, a veil and perhaps a tiara. You don’t have to spend thousands to look beautiful – you’ll be glowing from love and sparkling with happiness, so you won’t need hand-sewn crystals to shine.
Don’t blow the wedding budget on the dress and have to exclude important guests from the reception; if the dress costs way more than you can afford, rather rethink your original idea and consult a dressmaker who can give you simpler options with the same effect.
Remember, planning the wedding is half the fun so enjoy it and act like a movie star when you’re trying on all those magnificent wedding dresses you’ve been dreaming about for years!