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Floral ideas


A really gorgeous bridal bouquet must complement the beauty of the bride and it is also essential that the wedding flower arrangements must fit in with the décor of the wedding theme.


Do not underestimate the influence of wedding flowers which must contribute to the tone and mood of the wedding venue and surrounds.  An elegant room would need chandeliers, crisp white linen, long stemmed roses, exotic lilies and shiny polished silver.  However, a more rustic venue would need bolder and perhaps more earthy flowers and foliage. Bright spring posies or loosely arranged bunches add great splashes of colour to an otherwise drab venue and are the perfect choice of wedding flowers for a less formal reception like a big outdoor lunch or for adding colour to a giant white marquee.


The flowers you choose for your bridal bouquet is first on the list and must suit the style and colour of your dress.  It should not clash with either your hair and eye colour, nail varnish or the colour of your dress. You will be the most photographed person on that day.  The wedding flowers you carry should reflect your personality and radiance – not drain the colour from your face or overwhelm your natural beauty.
There is a lot of freedom to choose from, if you are wearing white.  You can choose from a huge variety of flowers which are in season and you can go from pastel shades to bright colours. In your bridal bouquet about  all types of flowers will hold up and a creative florist can produce floral masterpieces. (If you want to keep your bridal bouquet, ask the florist to make up a smaller one to throw at the reception.)
The colour of rest of your entourage’s outfits must be kept in mind when deciding on the colours for the flowers.  You can either use contrasting colours, as long as it does not clash with the rest. The palest pink roses can look well against maroon velvet, but it will not look so great on emerald green.  A bit of colour in your wedding flowers will brighten your photographs, when you are wearing white.
Informal arrangements are the in thing these days and the bride often casually carries a bunch of flowers down the aisle.  For a romantic and fresh look, flowers and garlands can be used as head pieces which are woven into the hair of the bride and flower girl.
The groom and the groomsmen, as well as parents on both sides, drivers, ushers etc. will need a small corsage (for the women) and buttonholes (men). The bride normally chooses this to match the rest of the wedding flowers. You can have these made up for any other close friends or family members who would feel flattered to be included in the wedding party. (In Scotland all the male guests wear a sprig of heather in their buttonholes and all the women wear a corsage – either on their dresses or wrists. The profusion of colour in the room is magnificent!)


Wedding flowers must be part of your budget. Decide whether you are going to make the arrangements yourself and discuss with your florist before the time. The price of wedding flowers is often a great shock to those paying for them, but remember the skill employed and time spent in making up all those individual arrangements for tables, the church etc. Be aware that the main table will feature prominently in the photographs so allocate a fair bit of your budget to here.
If the budget is tight, you can save money by having friends or family organize a work party and arranging flowers for tables, foyers or entrance halls, cloakrooms etc. However, it is advisable to have a professional do the bouquets and prominent flowers, as these will be individually wired, treated and kept at the right temperature to ensure that they don’t wilt. You don’t want drooping wedding flowers in your main photographs.
A florist will also be able to work out how much to order in relation to the size of the venue and the church – you don’t want to order too few flowers and ruin the look by creating an effect that is too sparse and dull.


If you want to add some more colour or romance flowers can be used throughout the celebration.  Rose petals can be used instead of confetti, a flower or small bouquet can be tied to each chair down the aisle, single flower or small bouquet can be tied to alternative chairs at the tables etc. You can also use fresh flowers on the wedding cake. Flowers have always been a symbol of love – surround yourself with loads of both on your wedding day!